Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Remind! Please read and sign up!

Hello Parents! Today I wanted to tell you about a really cool reminder service called Remind, which I use to communicate with parents. It has some great features. I can start a conversation with any parent, and vice-versa. In addition, I can send out group reminders. This came in handy for both field trips, and days when the kids had something to bring in from home. I could send a note to parents to remind them - very helpful!

Please sign up for Remind using the instructions below. It is a completely secure service, and it will increase communication from home to school!

Monday, August 31, 2015

First Day - In the Books!

What a fantastic day I had with your fabulous firsties! As usual, I am super teacher tired, and I would bet your little ones are too. There is nothing like a good first-day to wear you out!

Please make sure to check your child's folder each night. If you have any supplies to send in, we would really appreciate you doing that by this Friday, Sept. 4th.

If you are looking to donate items to the classroom, we can always use the following (and, with cold season, are often in dire need of these!):

- tissues
- Lysol/Clorox wipes
- Bounty (or some other brand) paper towels
- cleaning spray (for the tables!)

I wipe down the tables daily with wipes. They also get sprayed frequently, when the kids are not there. I try to keep those germs to a minimum!

Parents, if you are looking to volunteer in the classroom - believe me, I would LOVE to have you! I usually do not take volunteers until October, because we are setting up routines in the room. Once October hits, you are so welcome to come in. We would love to have you! I will send a sign up sheet as that time nears.

Hope your kiddo had a great first day and will sleep nice and peacefully tonight!

Friday, August 28, 2015

Eeek! It's almost here!

Hello First Grade Families!

After a fun-filled week of getting ready for the new year, I am so excited to meet your kiddos on Monday! I know a couple of the kids just from last year, but it will be so exciting to see them! I never sleep the night before school begins. I always look super tired. There is NO tired like teacher tired, believe me!

Some things to keep in mind:

Monday will be filled with kiddos and is very hectic. Please do not hold it against me if I don't get to spend lots of time talking to you - I will be calming kids, making sure everyone is getting acquainted with the room, and making sure I know everyone's dismissal information. Please don't think I am ignoring you - I actually want nothing more than to meet you! :-) On this day, though, the kiddos do come first. I will send home more information about me, and Open House night is ALL for you, and I always spend time talking to parents afterwards.

Come in KNOWING your child's dismissal information. Not just the bus number, but also the stop. It helps me to be sure your child goes home the right way.

If your child is buying lunch, make sure he/she knows that, and knows that his/her snack is separate. This is important - a lot of the little ones forget that they are buying lunch, and eat their snacks instead. There is NO CLASS SNACK PROVIDED - snack MUST be brought from home. This is due to allergies. IN ADDITION, our classroom is peanut-free. Please do not send snacks with peanuts. We need to make sure to keep all of our little ones allergy-free!

If you need a form that you did not send in, I will send home a note asking for it. Please send back all school forms as soon as possible. I especially need health cards. Believe it or not, I have had a kiddo get sick on the first day of school! It helps to be able to call his/her parent and have the correct contact information.

There will be no homework until October. We are learning rituals and routines, and I am making sure your child is prepped for success.

It is recommended that you send your child to school in sneakers each day, especially on gym days. Our playground is better navigated in sneakers. Children without sneakers may not play during gym. In addition, our dress code asks that you do not send children in spaghetti strap tank tops, or in sandals without socks. The latter is a safety issue. I am pretty strict about this particular rule. I have seen children with woodchip injuries due to lack of socks - I like to avoid that if at all possible.

PLEASE check your child's home-school folder daily. I often send home notes. I really need to make sure they are received on your end. Likewise, I check the folders each morning. If you have anything for me to see, put it in there. I WILL get it. If you do not put it in there - I do not check the backpacks. There is a chance I won't get it.

If you have any questions, you can ALWAYS email me. My email is: I will also send home a business card with all of my information attached!

Looking forward to meeting you!
Monday, August 24, 2015

Welcome Back to School!

Dear First Grade Families,

I am so excited to meet you! I have my class list, but I understand there may be some changes as we open up a new first grade class (our 7th!). I am looking forward to your arrival already!

A few things about me:
- I am originally from Stamford, but now live in Bridgeport, CT - right by the Trumbull mall!
- I have a dog named Bella, and I talk about her frequently.
- I do not have any children of my own, but I have a niece who I love!
- My favorite thing to do in the world is making my classroom beautiful!
- My favorite drink is DEFINITELY coffee.
- I went to Western Connecticut State University for both my Bachelors and my Masters degrees.
- I wrote curriculum for the district for reading, writing, and math.
- I was filmed by G.E. Developing Futures, three years ago, along with my class. We were filmed as an example of Common Core Math in Kindergarten.
- Speaking of kindergarten - it was my first teaching job! I taught K for 5 years, before switching to first grade last year. This is my 7th year teaching.
- I am a frequent user of Donors Choose. If you don't know about it, you have to check it out - it is a fabulous resource for classrooms to obtain items that they would not normally have access to. As a result, at some point during the year, I will switch out some of the chairs in my classroom for yoga ball chairs (clinically proven to help kids "get the wiggles out").

Now that I have overwhelmed you with information, I'm going to give you a small assignment!

If you are reading this and your child is in my 2015-2016 first grade class (yay!) I am going to ask that you leave a comment letting me know!

ALSO.... Please come on Monday prepared with dismissal information for your child. My number one priority is your child's safety, and on the first day, dismissal is SUPER important.

Thank you in advance. I cannot wait to meet my fabulous first graders!