Monday, February 26, 2018

Google Doodle Contest

Hi Parents!

LONG time no post... sorry, it's Odyssey season, and I basically spend every moment that I'm not with my first graders, with my Odyssey kids. :) That all ends 3/17 and I will be back on here more often.

I just wanted to give you a heads up about the Google Doodle contest. Students have to create a Google Doodle incorporating what inspires them into the Doodle. There are some pretty amazing prizes up for grabs, so I think it's worth entering. We have a TON going on this week so I am unsure I can fit it in, but I thought I would just let you guys know about it in case you wanted to encourage your little artists to come up with something at home:

Google Doodle Contest

Please click through it and check out the contest! I think it's always worth a try, especially when huge scholarships are up for grabs :)
Tuesday, December 5, 2017


Hi Parents!

Last week/this week were a whirlwind, but December is finally here!

Here are some upcoming items this month:

Holidays Around the World:
We will be learning about holidays all over the world, and how they are celebrated. It's nice for the kids to learn about different cultures. We will be learning about holidays in Uganda, Italy, Germany, Mexico, and Israel, to name a few. As part of this unit, I do ask for a little bit of parent help with sending in some items. I will be sending a note home asking for red, yellow and green tissue paper, and a note for some supplies for gingerbread houses as well. If anyone would like to come in and help with the gingerbread houses, please let me know - I am planning it for Monday 12/18 and/or Tues 12/19.

Holidays Around the World (again):
We are going to be learning about the holidays in Sweden. I am fortunate to have my best friend living out there, and she is bringing me back a souvenir that I am going to have the kids replicate as part of this unit. It is called a Tomte Gnome and if you click that link, you'll see what it looks like! It's a little gnome that "appears" in winter in Sweden, I've got a request so we can make the crafty version of this - I need toilet paper rolls. :) If you could please save your toilet paper rolls and send them in, I would really appreciate it! In fact, if you have any paper towel rolls, I'll take those too. They have a ton of classroom uses.

Most of you went on and signed up for a conference - thanks so much! I put them all in on Sign Up Genius, and they should be reminding you the day before of your conference and time. It will also be on the report card that gets sent home on Friday.

Your kiddos are too young to be in Odyssey of the Mind just yet, but I am wondering if you would do a small favor for my team... we could really use any super big cardboard boxes. We use them to build our set for our performance. Bubble wrap is a coveted item too! If you have any of these things that you can send in (please don't buy them, just send if you have them laying around)... I would really appreciate it! :)

Monday, November 20, 2017

Thanksgiving Update

Hi Parents!

Sorry again about changing the date of the Thanksgiving get together! It was not planned, but is super important that I attend this meeting on Weds. 

Here are the foods that families signed up for: 

Ezra's Family: Chicken Fingers
Brady's Family: Dinner Rolls
Oliver's Family: Cupcakes
Cristhian's Family: Juice
Aiden's Family: Mac & Cheese
Oscar's Family: Dessert
Gabby's Family: Apple Pie
Kaylee's Family: Tacos Dorados
Pragya's Family: Puri-Aloo (fried flat bread with potato)

Ms. Inzitari: Plates, Napkins, Utensils, Tablecloths, French Fries
     *I will also get a vegetable if no one else volunteers to do so! :)

These are the families who responded that they are attending:

Parents Attending: 
Pragya's Family: 2
Aiden's Family: 2
Oscar's Family: 4
Kaylee's Family: 1
Brady's Family: 2
Oliver's Family: 2

If you would still like to send something in, we definitely could always use more vegetables/side dishes/main dishes... I know the date change made it hard, but I really appreciate everyone helping out! :-)

Thursday, November 16, 2017


Our trip to Soundwaters today was awesome! Thanks to Kaylee's mom for chaperoning. We loved having you!

Here is what we learned about today:

When we got to Soundwaters we met Nick and Tim, our "tour guides" if you will. They showed us around and took us right out to the beach, where we learned about the different kinds of "filter feeders" that might be in the water. We looked for/found and sorted shells from oysters, mussels, clams and snails. The kids were allowed to keep one shell that they found and take it home, which I'm sure you saw today! They loved this activity, and we found out that in Long Island Sound, there are a TON of oysters. In fact, lots of fishermen use LIS to "farm" oysters -- they set cages up and "plant" oysters to grow. Once they are grown they pull them up and sell them to be eaten.

Here are the kiddos finding/sorting shells! Thankfully, it did not rain :) Yay!

Once we were done outside, we went back in the Soundwaters building and talked about plankton. We discussed the different types of plankton, and how Plankton from SpongeBob is actually modeled after a copepod (type of plankton). The kids were given special nets to go out to the water and fish for plankton! We brought the water back into the building, and kids had to look through microscopes to try to find the plankton in the water. This was SUPER cool!

Learning about plankton before catching them!

Getting ready to catch plankton!

Here's Osman, Alan and Nicole checking out what we found...

Catching plankton...

Gabby and Pragya checking out the plankton we caught.

Kaylee, Angelo and Merlyn checking out the plankton!

When we finished checking out the plankton, we had a few minutes left, so we got to do something really cool. The guide, Tim, took out one of their turtles and let her walk around so we could check her out. She is a diamondback terrapin sea turtle, and she's special because they are the only kind of sea turtles you'll really find in Long Island Sound. The kids loved her, and now I want a class pet. 🐢 😂

Shakira (the turtle's name :) walking around so our kids could check her out!

Finally, we went to the touch tank room with Nick. He showed us all of the LIS animals and reviewed the food chain with the kids. He discussed the rules of touching the animals and showed the kids how to pick them up. Finally, the kids got to touch/hold them! 

Brady checking out a sea star.

Alison and Alan looking at the sea stars, some mussels and a clam or two.

Pragya and Bella checking out some hermit crabs! 

Elodie and Kaylee holding the spider crabs.

I wish I had a picture of it, but when we were at the crab tank, Aiden picked up the crab the "wrong" way - he put her in his hand. It was pretty hysterical, because the crab grabbed onto his arm and sleeve and wouldn't let go. :) He had no fear, and thought it was cool, but we had to call Nick over to get her off. She was as wide as his arm! 🦀

All in all, a pretty successful trip! I know the kids had fun because when we got back to work and I mentioned writing about what they learned, they looked at me like I had just asked them to climb Mount Everest. Maybe tomorrow, kiddos. ;-)

Monday, November 13, 2017

BUNCHES of things coming home tomorrow....

Hi Parents! Happy Monday :)

I am sending home LOTS of things tomorrow (Tuesday 11/14) I wanted you to be aware of.

1. Family Traditions Assignment: It's not really a project, but a paper for your child to fill out with your help. Talk to him/her about your nationality - for me, I'm mostly Italian, for example - and then write about one tradition your family has. For me, it's making anisette Christmas cookies with my mom. If you need help understanding this, let me know! On the back of the paper, your child should draw a detailed picture of a family tradition and label the picture. For many families, there are things you do in your house that not everyone does, and it would be nice for your child to be able to explain in detail when he/she presents this assignment!

2. Thanksgiving Feast Signup: I scheduled our Thanksgiving Feast for Weds 11/22, from 11:15-12:15. Please sign up to bring an item! This is going to be a multicultural feast, rather than the traditional Thanksgiving meal. Please send something your child loves! Parents are welcome to join us that day. You will not need to send a lunch for your child as he/she will eat in the classroom. The only food restriction we have in the room is no peanuts/peanut butter.

3. Math Test: I am sending the Unit 2 math test home. The first half of it is the unit test, and the second half is the cumulative test, which is a review of what they have done already. Most of the kids did great. Please make sure to complete the unit reviews that I send home ahead of the test, as this will prepare your child for the same types of questions he/she will see on the test. Note that I also do a review in class the day before!

For those who did not sign up for a report card conference on Sign Up Genius, I'd really appreciate it if you would do that! I am going to print the list and send it home tomorrow, as well. If you need a translator, please let me know! I will have Claudia contact you, but I need to know ahead of time so she can make her schedule.

As we enter the holiday season, believe me, I know things can get really busy. I am going to try my hardest not to overwhelm you with activities/things to do, or to let you know FAR in advance so you have time to prepare. (With the exception of Thanksgiving, which completely snuck up on me! 😘)

Thanks again!

Wednesday, November 8, 2017


Would anyone happen to be/know a parent/grandma/family member who would volunteer to hem the curtains on my bookshelves?

Doesn't have to be perfect! :)

What's happening is they're long, and the kids are sitting on them (accidentally) during guided reading, and literally pulling the curtains down on top of them. I've gone through 4 curtain rods this year, so I figure it's time to hem them.

I have no sewing skills.

If anyone knows anyone or can do it for me, I would REALLY appreciate it.

Let me know! Thanks!
Friday, November 3, 2017

December Report Card Conferences

Hi Parents!

In order to allow ample time for schedules at work and with the kids, I have put up the report card conference schedule for December. I have many times open. Please sign up as soon as you have a chance, so I can work my schedule around this as well. Thank you!

Here is the link:


It was also emailed to everyone. Thanks again!