Thursday, October 22, 2015

Penny Nickel Exchange!


Please check out this game which we play in everyday math, in order to learn pennies, nickels, and eventually dimes.

This is GREAT practice - it would really help if you could do this at home to reinforce these skills, which we are learning right now!

Friday, October 9, 2015

Jog-A-Thon Day!

Today was Jog-A-Thon. We did some amazing wellness activities and our class had a great day! They came in super excited and ready to rock and roll :-)

Just a reminder - school spirit-wear is available in the school store. I got the cutest little hair ribbon for my hair there today - so that might be cute for the girls! There will be an order form sent home next week for sweatshirts and tee-shirts. Please look for it! All new spirit-wear has our Toquam Tiger logo on it, and will be available for order/purchase through the form. (I am super excited to get a sweatshirt!)

Our first activity was Zumba. Our teacher was fantastic - the kids loved it! They learned the moves quickly, and it was good to see them up and moving and trying hard. They had a great time! As you can see - all of our teachers were participating too. Just ask the kids! Even I was dancing around during this time :-)

Next, my class went out for the running portion of our day. We spent time running around the cones, and then we went into the middle of the field to do some hula-hooping! Check us out!

I tried to get as many pictures as I could of the kids, but they move so fast! Sorry if I missed any of them! 

We had an amazing day!

Don't forget - no school on Monday for Columbus Day! We are back and ready to roll on Tuesday, October 14. Have a great weekend!

Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Open House TOMORROW!

So excited/nervous for open house tomorrow! I am always excited to meet the parents and say hello to the ones I have met. I am always nervous because I hate standing in front of groups of people. I am much better with the little guys! I inevitably forget everything I needed to say, SO, to hold myself accountable, I am going to put a nice little listing on here!:
1. Our Schedule
2. Classroom Routines and Expectations
3. Curriculum Overview
4. Small Groups, Assessments, and Evaluations
5. Homework
6. Questions/Comments

I am also going to tell you a little about me, and my background. I encourage you to come to the first session, but I understand if the second one is more convenient. I ALWAYS have parents that end up having questions one-on-one instead of in the group, and I am happy to answer those to the best of my ability at the end, unless the next group is coming. In that case, I will have to schedule meetings and phone calls to make sure I get to speak with you!

Please do not come prepared for a conference; this is just to tell you about first grade, and our classroom. If you want to talk about your child, you are welcome to call me or email me, and we'll schedule a meeting!

Which brings me to the next point -- the kiddos. Please do not bring the kids. If you have to, I understand that, but the children should stay with the childcare providers downstairs. This is a grown-ups only meeting. Thank you!

I really hope to see you tomorrow! We aim for 100% attendance, of course, so I would love to have at least one parent from each family! Make sure to come in ready to color a picture for your child :)
Monday, September 21, 2015

Social Studies

Hello Parents!

We are currently working on a social studies unit that is all about families! We have been discussing family rules, different things we do with our families, and the difference between family units.

I really need your help! I sent a letter home asking for pictures of your family, and I really need to make sure each person sends those in. One of the standards is to compare "then and now" - what your family was like before you were born, and after you were born. I am using some of my own family pictures to compare, but I really need some home pictures too. If possible, if you are able to take a family photo - even if you email it to me! - I really need to have these for our class discussions. Thank you in advance!
Sunday, September 20, 2015

Learning Activities, continued!

AS PROMISED, Here is a look into some of the other subjects that our class is going to be focusing on this year!

I explained that we are working on math centers in my last post, but I didn't show you what I mean! During math, the kids may be playing math games, making numbers out of play-doh, and in this case, practicing our teamwork skills by sorting with partners. Here are some pictures of our math centers:

We have another blog of time in our schedule called "OG", which is actually just phonics. We will be spending lots of time working on words, letters and sounds during this period. The basic structure of the OG period is the three part drill, which includes practicing letters and sounds with flash cards, in the sand, and practicing blending sounds on a blending board. The kids know this from kindergarten and are virtual experts! We have Mrs. Murray, a reading teacher, in the classroom at this time. We will be spending time in centers working on skills to meet the needs of all of our kiddos at this time. I will take some pictures on Monday to show you! We had a pep rally yesterday to introduce the new PAW Points system, so we did not have a chance to do any OG practice since we had to get in snack and a little bit of movement to get the wiggles out!

We practice lots of movement during the day, through the use of Go Noodle primarily. Go Noodle is a wonderful site with lots of brain breaks and movement activities that incorporate skills that we need to practice in math, literacy, and social-emotional development. I encourage you to check it out!

IF you are a parent reading my blog, I would love it if you'd leave me a comment to check in and let me know! My school-year resolution is to make sure to update frequently and connect parents to my classroom through pictures and writing about our activities. I want to make sure you're reading! :-)

On that note.... GO PATRIOTS! It's Football Sunday! Have a great rest of the weekend, and remember - No School Wednesday!

Thursday, September 17, 2015

We are Busy Readers and Writers!

Hello Parents!

We have been so busy during the day that I have barely had time to post! I am fixing that now, though!

Thank you for getting your media release forms back to me so quickly. You really helped me get this blog up and running, so I could make sure to take tons of pictures of your kids!

During reading, we have been working on the Daily 5. There is a lot of imformation on this throughout the internet, but basically, it's a 90 minute block where the kids learn to read and write, do word work, and work on listening to reading. Here are some pictures of your kiddos doing some really awesome reading and writing!

We are working on building stamina, which means reading and writing without stopping and getting distracted. Today, we worked up to 13 minutes of independent reading, and 20! minutes of working on writing. My class is the best. I'm not kidding. :-)

We have a block of time called "integrated literacy" built into our schedule, which I will explain more once we get to open house. We have been talking a lot about different family structures, what makes a family, and family rules. We are distinguishing between home family and school family, and discussing what makes us all unique and how we all have to work together. I will be sending home a couple of things for you to help fill out, so we can more accurately discuss families in class!

During math, we are really working on getting centers up and running. We have been practicing math journals, which are our student practice books. We have also been working on some math games. The games we play are Top It (pretty much like "War" -- which I played when I was little), the Penny Dice Game (you roll a die and take some pennies. The person with the most, is the winner!), and Bunny Hop (roll a die and hop up and down a number line). We work a lot on games in the classroom. This helps our kiddos learn through play! The skills we are practicing right now are counting by 1's, 5's, and 10's, adding and subtracting within 5, and making tally marks. My class is also practicing writing and identifying numbers to 30. All of these skills can be practiced at home, too!

Since I've overloaded you with information, I will stop here - and post some more tomorrow, so I can better explain our phonics period!

I hope to see you all at the Potluck Dinner tonight - I will be there! In addition, Open House is on 10/1 -- I always LOVE to meet parents and get to know you, and I really look forward to seeing you there!
Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Remind! Please read and sign up!

Hello Parents! Today I wanted to tell you about a really cool reminder service called Remind, which I use to communicate with parents. It has some great features. I can start a conversation with any parent, and vice-versa. In addition, I can send out group reminders. This came in handy for both field trips, and days when the kids had something to bring in from home. I could send a note to parents to remind them - very helpful!

Please sign up for Remind using the instructions below. It is a completely secure service, and it will increase communication from home to school!